Основы фотосъемки: фокусное расстояние

Какой объектив выбрать? Какое фокусное расстояние оптимально для воплощения вашей фото задумки? На все эти вопросы ответят Арсений Михальченко и Фотон Фотоныч!

Поддержи проект!


Основы фотосъемки: фокусное расстояние: 46 комментариев

    1. Обратившись к нам, Вы сделаете правильный выбор, избавив себя от ненужных проблем и забот. Обращаясь к нам, клиент получает высококвалифицированную помощь.
      Вывоз мусора из квартиры необходимо спланировать заранее.

  1. Not everyone would agree with me but my 10 week old is sleeping happily in my homemade Moby Wrap as I type. I have 3 boys, 2 of which are home school age. I wouldn’t get anything done if we didn’t use it. I have about 7-8 different carriers (some expensive) and this is by far my favorite. Go to Hobby Lobby with a coupon and you can make 2 for $20-$25. And we co-sleep at night. I already see a few glimmers of hope that it’s getting “better”. I’m trying to enjoy the littleness of her and still get things done.[]

  2. question…. u said in one of ur previous videos that magic in general is dangerous if u dont know what ur doing, wellllll how does one know what their doing?> i mean think about it if “Magic” was real black or otherwise who was the first who  figured out the RIGHT way to use it if its soooooo dangerous, not to mention not even knowing what “magic” was how could one even FIND the correct way to manipulate it withought becomeing a victim of it?

  3. I don’t think you understand. UEFI allows for booting off of drives larger than 2TB, and allows for more than 4 primary partitions on a drive, and a whole host of other improvements that BIOS simply doesn’t have a concept of. UEFI is not the enemy here. And UEFI Secure Boot in theory isn’t the enemy, it’s the onerous and draconian measures required and the system currently in place to get signed to be allowed to boot on a Secure Boot machine.

  4. Laura, parabéns pela resenha, acho que aqui no Brasil ainda não chegou este produto não… pelo menos eu nunca vi. O meu problema com o creme da L’Oreal – só usei um, o Derma Gênese é que eu sinto minha pele “abafada”, “sufocada”, querendo respirar. Eu suo quando passo este creme, quer dizer, passava. Vou ficar de olho no creminho quando chegar aqui na terrinha. Bjs

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