Стрим по фотографии. Гость Mike Toptygin. Поговорим о фототехнике.

У нас в гостях Mike Toptygin (Майк Топтыгин). Поговорим о фототехнике. Что круче — фулфрейм, кроп или средний формат? Каковы перспективы камер смартфонов? Какие тенденции развиваются на рынке фототехники?


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    1. Cosaoatulgtirnn, Cassie! Lovely story–left me wanting to know a whole lot more about Shanna, her magic, the world… It’s a great thing when a story can leave you thinking, “what happens next?” But it’s an even better thing when a story leaves you asking, “what happened first?” as well!Well done!

    2. 10 iunie 2011Cu limbajul asta la care adaugi nivelul de cultura si inteligenta infime de care dai dovada, cred ca mai degraba tu duci dorul satrei, harapalb! Dragos are drepate: tu esti un caz pierdut. Din partea mea, te las in plata Domnului, cu tot cu convingerile tale si nu voi mai continua sa imi pierd timpul si nervii cu tine. Si subscriu la sfatul dat de tot de Dragos in a folosi singularul atunci cand (daca, sper sa nu) vei mai posta vreun comentariu. Noroc bun!  

    3. The very core of your writing whilst appearing reasonable in the beginning, did not sit perfectly with me personally after some time. Someplace throughout the sentences you actually were able to make me a believer unfortunately only for a while. I however have got a problem with your jumps in logic and one would do nicely to help fill in all those gaps. In the event you actually can accomplish that, I would undoubtedly end up being fascinated.

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    5. Amazing attitude! It is fun to see God working in you, thank you for sharing this. I’ve never worked in a clinic before, but even the pictures can give me similar dreams. I often wonder why my brain comes up with the scenarios that it does. I’ll work on applying your attitude next time

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    7. Jamen det er ogsÃ¥ lidt sÃ¥dan det føles her… Er ikke stoppet helt, og har heldigvis masser af ting at glædes over, sÃ¥ der stadig er positive ting at skrive – men i perioder har det føltes forlorent at skrive om mine glade børn, nÃ¥r jeg lige har brugt en time pÃ¥ at trøste andre mennesker

    8. Hey LT, can I use SuperDad in my byline? Hahaha…Sincerely, thanks for the vote of confidence. I like that I’m not alone in having these feelings. And I really agree, it is awful that our society has gotten to this level of fear. I don’t know how not to be afraid, but on the other hand, that’s why I put my energy into the GNMP team, to increase the public discourse on parenting, to reduce the anxiety by contributing to the increase in positive parenting, which would lead to a decrease in violence.

    9. L’aspetto delle emissioni di climalteranti (ossia CO2, N2O, CH4, ecc.) e del suo inserimento nell’ETS è solo marginale nelle attuali convulsioni dell’industria pesante europea e dell’ILVA in particolare. Il problema sono le emissioni di inquinanti (diossina, benzopirene, ecc.), in particolare per l’ILVA, gli inquinanti che si sono depositati nell’ambiente circostante negli svariati decenni di attività.Siamo al top degli svarioni.

    10. Und bevor alles festgeklebt wird, bleibt das Buch jetzt erstmal eine Nacht liegen und glättet sich. Am nächsten Tag hat man dann nur noch ganz nette Klebearbeit. Das schöne Papier wird in die Vertiefung geklebt, und die oberste, ordentlich geschnittene Seite obendrauf. Und das war’s dann auch schon! Fertig ist das Versteckbuch. Man kann natürlich auch was drin verschenken. Oder oder. Denkt Euch halt selbst was aus! (Und hier ist der ganze Adventskalender.)

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    14. Les livres ou leurs tentatives d’explication livres s’oublient plus vite que les victimes, Marcel. En effet, où est le débat ?Pas de génocide chez les tirailleurs sénégalais comparable à celui des juifs…donc pas…de quoi, au fait ?C’est évident, le journaliste Bilé a cherché la polémique.Mais d’autres seront peut-être plus sérieux dans leur étude.

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    19. Oh no, I have totally been in that spot–hating what I’ve written. Ugh. It’s such a sickening feeling, isn’t it? Well, blogging has a life of its own and I think you are in grand company. I know I have to figure out a better system. Right now, I’m using summer as my excuse for having poor time management, but once the school year starts I don’t have that excuse anymore.I find that when I write during a set time every day, I connect better with my story. It’s like a date that I actually look forward to. Thanks for swinging by!

    20. | I was watching “Murder She Wrote” with my parents. We were living in Mozambique, and it was evening there. My dad got the call from some family friends, and we went to their house to watch CNN. I honestly couldn’t understand what was going on (I was seven). The next day I went to school and one of the kids there made a joke about it, and I remember feeling so mad about it.

    21. Gong11: “同时,一个人根本就本属复杂,他向外显露的性格只是个模糊、大概的主导面;具体遇到不同时间、不同情况、不同对象的时候,他的心理、表现绝对会不同。”(同意)Gong11: “不知有没有人听过:演员就是在演“自己”。”“看故事的时候,你会想一想:这个演员现实中是不是也是这样的人~~?”(我们可能看了刘青云的十套电影,也看不出他私底下是个怎样的人)(Watch all Cate Blanchett’s movies and you’d have no hint on who she really is. She “becomes” all of them)(Philip Hoffman did not just “act out” Capote, he “disappeared into” Capote)(Real actors are not just “real”/”just be themselves”, they are Haunting)Gong11: 所以所谓的”本色出演“没什么不可以!(可以用几次,但不能形成一种消费)(消费”自我“不是专业演员做的事)(但消费明星的“自我”却是粉丝宠坏偶像的常态行为)(演员的崇高性在于对共通人性的深刻体悟,不是堆砌“自我”)Gong11:演戏,何韵诗是个新手,提名,这次只是个开头,自信点,敞开心怀,去展现自己的多面、多面的自己昂首演下去!支持你!(同样支持!)(我是以最严格的标准来看待菇要成为“一个演员”这件事的)(Please accept the edges)

    22. Tahinia kerman sijaan? Mahtavaa, kiitos vinkistä! Tässä muutamana päivänä tuskaillut sitä millä korvata kerma kun kauhean monissa ruoka-ohjeissa kehoitetaan sitä laittamaan ja ei kai sitäkään nyt jokapäivä.

    23. It is NOT unanimously agreed that the scale of the badly named'holocaust' was correctly assessed.Most top historians on WW2 now agree that the 6 million figure was at least a ten-fold exaggeration. Whereas the Holodomor and the Turkish genocide of possibly one and a halfmillion Armenians circa 1915 isuniversally accepted [except in Turkey].If the Jewish WW2 figure ISexaggerated that might suggest that most of the other pogrom stories are equally exaggerated.You can't always believe everything you hear.

    24. in "Writing the Breakout Novel" that there is also a time to "tell." I've seen the opposite mistake made where folks think they have to show every single thing. When that happens, you can get purple prose about wind gengly caressing bending treebranches with its icy tendrils, when all you really needed to say was "they rode on through the forest." For transitions or brief travel, telling is the way to go ;).Thanks for the great post and examples! 99.99% of the time, we need to show it!

    25. vegans have higher incidence of all kind of cancerThan who? I’m sorry Peter, but you state a lot of “facts” , when there are also studies that show exactly the opposite of what you are stating. C’mon, Peter, please don’t pick the study that seems to uphold your point best and disregard the rest. It all deserves consideration. Can we please drop the agenda and just share info as people?

    26. As a librarian who is a frequent user of online technologies I have been trying to articulate this idea for quite some time. The idea that literacy comes as much from new media as it did from old. Give the kids the basic tools (reading, writing, arithmetic) and let them loose with as much information and literature as they like, and they will naturally improve their skills in most cases. Some may need some help along the way, but generally speaking human beings are inquisitive and look for more of the things that fascinate them.Very articulate post.

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    28. De mon côté j’ai trouvé ce film ennuyeux au possible. Je n’avais pas lu le livre donc je ne peut pas comparer (enfin j’ai pu comparer vite fait avec une BD adaptée du livre que j’ai chez moi), mais d’un point de vue cinématographique l’intérêt frise le néant. En 2012 on peut encore être impressionné par ces décors num…

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    30. sa come definisco quei “qualcuno” cui nascono dei “dubbi” quando pubblico dei post dove propongo il menu di qualche ristorante in abbinamento a metodo classico a denominazione d’origine? La risposta é semplice: li definisco dei perfetti cretini, che vedono cose strane dove é tutto chiarissimo: offrire al lettore dei suggerimenti non tanto sui ristoranti in oggetto, ma sulla possibilità di abbinamento di tanti piatti a metodo classico. Tutto lì, ma si sa che il mondo é pieno di imbecilli…

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    33. We are of two minds about Takeshi! I do not have him on my computer (you know on the screen, doesn’t mean he’s not somewhere else :O ) but was EXCELLENT in Red Cliff. Zhuge Liang is my HERO!You reminded me to watch Ip Man 2. I did not know I was really watching Rocky 3? Honestly, tho, any opportunity to see both Donnie Yen AND Sammo Hung (who I’m still a little afraid of).

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    36. The house is livable at present but still has some open walls, missing sink in the bathroom, no weather seal on the front door, etc. I will get some smaller projects like those done during the holiday break. I figure by next year the kitchen will be done and I will have painted the roof and face boards. Maybe 5 years and its fully restored. The back breaking hustle is over now so we can coast and do things little by little here on out. The rest is up to us now so that will be cheaper.

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    44. Det er kaos nÃ¥r en holder pÃ¥ med oppussing, men det er fort glemt nÃ¥r alt er ferdig :)))Liker sÃ¥ godt vinduene dere har valgt, og himmla sÃ¥ mye dere egentlig har fÃ¥tt gjort da… Flinke er dere :)))Tenk sÃ¥ deilig det er nÃ¥r alt er ferdig da :)))Gleder meg innmari til Ã¥ se det ferdige resultatet, og masse lykke til videre i prosessen :)Fin tirsdag til degKlem Heidi

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    47. at a time when interest rates were higher the interest on months where income was high was considerable. I agree it worth investigating as you stated as another option of governance. I also agree that Salida isn’t the same as my previous home, but I believe that a group of well-informed community members, who are open to listening to all sides and having all community members in their hearts will come up with a charter that can be voted on.

    48. you tolerate intolerance you've already lost.Muzzies are infiltrating and subverting the legislatures, judiciary and law enforcement entities of many Western style democracies and I'll bet yours is one of them. If you don't think they can be successful using these means I invite you to look at the history of Lebanon over the last 50 years.

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    51. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who didn’t get a speeding ticket in NJ. The only way to avoid all the mobile revenue agents deployed by the state is to hire a car and driver, and what kind of person has that much money laying around . . oh yeah, Mr. MoneyBags, our governor, does.

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    56. Travis, I’m with Heidi. You are every bit Beth’s equal in your own way and we look forward to you bringing us to the throne in worship just as much as we look forward to hearing Beth bring the Word!! Can’t wait for San Antonio!! BTW, are they inviting you to the Siesta Fiesta? Surely they wouldn’t exclude you!!Leah

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    65. things like governmemnt employees losing their jobs should appreciate being put into the "real" world. Classless and clueless is not what people vote for. BTW Romney admitted to having an open mind about climate change and that is a deal breaker with these flat earth die hard conservatives. He might as well have said he believes in evolution.

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    86. 133Pastor Todd,Thank you for your contribution to the OrthodoxBridge dialogue! We need people with your background and maturity to provide balance and perspective. Your voice will help balance out the more enthusiastic voices like Theodore. Robert

    87. NYT – Nice of you to mention my LAT puzzle! Needless to say, I was able to fill in the 4 theme answers right away, except I had to change PLEASURECRUISE to CARNIVALCRUISE once I started working further. That’s a rare way to start a solve. I’m glad I sent my puzzle to LA; it wouldn’t surprise me if Hartman’s puzzle was submitted first, or at least at the same time (though I did go through one revision on it thanks to a careless misspelling in the grid). Hartman’s was a very smooth solve, nice puzzle. Some nice downs (CLAPTRAP, ATNOTIME) and a some scrabbly fill too.

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    92. Hi Bob,We’re working as fast as possible to get regular map updates. At the moment we are moving to a higher capacity server and testing. The transition is a bit more work than we originally thought because we are also adding a few features at the same time. We’re almost there, and hopefully in a 1-2 weeks time we’ll have everything up and running. Sorry for the wait!Sam

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